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What time of the year is this?

Have been thinking about this for quite some time now. Last 4 years have passed so quickly and more than that if i look back to the gone days, i can't distinguish one day from the other. Life has become so monotonous. There is hardly any difference between a monday and saturday or months march and may.

The days which are slightly "different" from most of these days are the ones spent in vacation, outings, movies, with a friend or group of friends. Apart from them there are a few other "different" days which don't remind me of any fun. These are the days marked for work related deadlines and work presentations e.g. annual work seminar, causerie, journal clubs, lab meetings, report making, poster presentations, thesis committee meetings....etc. In all there are around 15 x 2 = 30 such days. (15 days which actually are the marked days and 15 days just before these days when the major part of preparation is actually done)

Rest any day of the year is same. Yes, Sundays are different. They are meant for just lazying around. But then one sunday cannot be distinguished from another sunday.

When i look back to school days i remember so many activities we used to have every week, every month. Every part of year brings a different feeling.

April: Begininning of new-session. New books and new dress.

May-June: Summer vacations. Used to visit relatives and cousins.

July: Back to school. First terminal exams round the corner. Study time.

Aug: Independence day celebrations. Inter-house competition.

September: Teacher's Day. Plan programs and surprises for our teachers.

October-November: Major course completion and preparation for Half yearly exams. Children's day when teachers did a program for students and we used to have a school picnic. Sports day. Cheering our houses. Cycle race and Tug-of-war being the major two activities since they had highest points to be won. And every year some or the other controversy used to arise in one or both of these.

December: Half yearly exams. And my birthday. I dont know how every year either Maths or History exam was scheduled on my birthday. I used to hate these subjects.

January and February: Hmmmm. The thought used to be "Wont get a decent percentage if i dont work hard for the finals". And we had our annual PT display day. Different classes had different programs and parents used to come and see it.

March: Worst month of the year. Final exams and the results. 52 in maths and 47 in history. Its ok, will do better next year.

Those were the days. Life was more "happening" as compared to today. Yawn!


Anonymous said…
Dear fellow Saggi,
Beauty lies in the eyes of the depends on how you percieve it..
sagitalsection said…

And that is my perception...Will try to perceive it differently. But honestly its very boring right now.
akul said…
Yes, I remember v could never celebrate ur b'day on that particular day. But the celebration afterwards were also very good. Specially, ur mother's pulao and ur rotis......That wonderful taste is still lingering yaar.....
sagitalsection said…
Hey! Is that you preeji?

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