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"History cannot be changed but Geography can be"

Day 0: They decided to separate. Though life would never be the same, the decision was taken. But they maintained contact. Can "lovers" stay as "friends"? They found the answer after a few days.

For a few days: They tried to remain as "friends". But its not easy to switch relations. You can always move ahead in a relationship, but if you turn back, you cannot take ten steps back and "convert" lovers into friends. In love, you follow the all or none law. Being "just friends" is too difficult (i wont say it is impossible).

Some Day to Day 102: He wanted her back in his life not only as a "friend" but as a "lover and friend". How did he manage to change his mind? Has he realized something which she has missed? Can such decisions be taken in a haste? She was not prepared for it. Will this relation stay forever? Will things come back to normal? She kept on wondering...

Day 103: She took a major decision. They will break all contacts. Will love blossom again? She wanted time to rethink about their life, without any coaxing from his side. Love can never happen by compulsion.

For several Days: She started missing him. She questioned herself. Why is she feeling so? Is she too dependent on him? Is it real love or just a response to deprivation? She felt ashamed of herself. "I m not weak. I m strong. I can stay alone" she kept on telling herself.

Day 104- Day 124: They didnt hear each others voice. She actually started thinking about him.

Day 125: He called to ask if she is doing fine. He just got worried. She talked normally but not "normally".

Day 133: He called again. Purpose was the same-to know if she is fine. Because he was feeling that "everything was not fine".

Day 137: She was very depressed. She wanted to call him and tell him that she loves him and wants him in her life. But her pride prevented her from doing so. She didnt want to believe that there was somebody who can make her feel so weak and incomplete. A thought crossed her mind. Should she just end her life? This stress is becoming unbearable. Its easy to fight somebody else. But its very difficult to fight yourself. One way or the other, you are proving the same person wrong, and that person is "you". She was not able to deal with it. It has been a long time. This should come to an end now. She imagined a sharp object and made a slit on her wrist. Owing to her "cleanliness-mania", she could not even die in peace. She made a change in her thought. This time she imagined cutting her wrist and hung her hand from the bed so that the blood collects in a bucket without messing up the place. Then she started crying. She had realized that she should not be thinking about all this. How can she turn suicidal? But still she cannot deny the truth. For one full hour she has been contemplating of killing herself.

Just at the right moment Krishna appeared, sans the elaborate attire people imagine him in. And this time he appeared as a female. A long monologue followed, majorly stating the fact that "Life is a gift and its not worth letting it go like this. It should be grabbed and each moment be lived". She felt better and decided to start living again and "let the life flow through her".

Day 138: In order to fulfil a promise made to a friend (SN), she went out with him. They spent a long time together. At one of those moments when she and SN were sitting under the sky, he pointed at the sky and showed her a swarm of clouds rapidly covering the sky. He asked her what thoughts does this scene bring to her mind. She was just too sleepy and tired to answer. SN, talkative as he is, started describing his thoughts. He said, the clouds look like an army of horsemen galloping towards the battlefield, which is at the other end of the sky. Or, the clouds can signify a change in the era. Something which marks the end of one period and the beginning of the other. As ever, she was patiently listening to him, when a drop of rain fell on her hands and she started to panic. "Lets run for shelter, its going to rain and i dont want to get wet". This was the season's first few rain drops. At 4:30 am, not many people were as lucky as both of them.

Day 139: She was still asleep after yesterday's varied experiences. The phone was ringing. She thought it was an alarm and turned it off. Then there was a knock at the door. Reluctantly she got up and opened the door. And she could not believe what her eyes saw. He was standing quietly and staring at her. Then he said something. "History cannot be changed but geography can be". He flew across the seas to be with her and see the wonder in her eyes. The same eyes which reflected the love for him. She was speechless. It was not even like a dream come true. Instead, it was an unseen dream which came true.

All these days she had loved him and had fought her thoughts.

But the unsaid was communicated to the concerned person "free-of-charge", and what was more surprising was that even the sender of the thought was kept in dark.

Love exists. And such things do happen.


AK said…
waow, u came up with this all by urself, niceeeeeeee :)
Ashish said…
again 139!!!...looks like love exists.
bela! said…
i just chanced upon your blog from orkut actually. some of the post are very touching and thoughtful - very enjoyable. keep up the good work!
Nepali Akash said…
To add, history can be forgotten but geography simply IS.
kabeer said…
hi you write well....very touchy...i felt as if its happening to me.When you are on your true Path, the entire universe conspires to help you succeed-Alchemist...even the history looks different.
AeutiKT said…
History can be forgotten but it will remain as it always was... true indeed :-) very nicely written!!

sounds like a fairy tale in these days...

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