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I am no more...

It was still dark outside, I noticed. I shut my eyes once again and went back to sleep and before I realized, reality lost the race to imagination. I became a part of a dream.

I was flying through an unknown land. No living being was in view. After flying for a long time, the length of which I am unaware of, a thought struck me "Why was I flying?" I am supposed to be walking or running or even swimming. How can I fly?

I looked at my limbs and found that there were wings instead. I looked at my body. It was scaly with different hues to it. It gleamed when the sunlight fell on it. If I would have seen a creature having these attributes I would have been astonished by its beauty. But the thought that I have turned into a strange creature scared me.

I started flying, this time with an aim--- To find somebody who knows me and ask him/her why such a thing happened to me. I flew...

Finally I reached a place which looked like my home. I made an effort to call out my Mom, Dad and my friends in the neighbourhood. What came out of my mouth was an unfamiliar squeal. I have lost my voice too.

Just when I was wondering at this sudden change in me, I flew past a mirror and saw that I had transformed into a completely different creature. There is no way by which I can make my presence felt to my loved ones. They do not know this new face which belongs to me. I am far away from their world---"my world".

I heard a sound and woke up. I was not in my room but in a strange land.

It was not a dream. The realization started to sink in.

Once again I started to fly. I stopped only when I saw some creatures which look somewhat similar to me. I tried to join their flock. They did not seem to matter. But it seemed odd to me. I am not one of them, I just look like one of them.

It is not fair. I cannot be compelled to turn into a totally different creature one day and in turn get alienated from my closest pals.

Am i the same individual that i was? Or, am i no more?

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digant sutar said…
wen i stared reading ur this post i didn`t wat was i up to,bt wen i ended it wat i found is `Words to my feelings` that i never found, cas colors r more friendly to me than words.
i think every artist go through same feelings.
i m still to go through all ur work..
for now wat i can say is
keep it up
take care
Anonymous said…
check ur yahoo mail :-)
Amit said…
I am not sure if you are no more, but if that is the case then I have the proof of the following:

(i) Heaven(H1)and Hell(H2), at least one of them exists!

(ii) If exactly one of H1 and H2 exists in (i) then internet works there.

(iii) If both H1 and H2 exist in (i) then at least one of them has internet connection.

Proof: Let E denote the earth and S denote THE Shazia. The assumption that S is no more implies that S does not belong to E. Since the universal set is the union of E, H1, H2 and S does not belong to E, we conclude that S belongs to the union of H1 and H2. Wherever she belongs exists and internet connection works there because she could write a blog post from there!

Princess Fiona said…
..thus spake the mathematician :D

I am convinced by Amit's arguments. He has shown conclusively that u cannot be 'no more'. U better convince urself now.
Humane said…
Hey, your writings remind me of Paulo Coelho. Very impressive; you can be a great fable writer as well!

Having got the message I would like to ask: "Does this message provide you salvation or solution?" I think it makes you a captive of your imagination, which in itself is a slave of freedom. So, the bottom line is nothing is free, after all, not even your thoughts.

Let's be close to Somebody Who is Limitless!
Shazia said…
@ Digant and Humane
Thanks for the appreciation.

@ Amit
Baap re! Kya proof diya hai. Chalo hum ne maan liya ki hum abhi zinda hain aur earth par hi hain :-)

@ Fiona
Dekha mathematicians se dosti karne se kya hota hai?

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